Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Living with Questions update

I received in the mail today a notice that Living with Questions is in it's third printing!

One reader said the title doesn't give away all the intriguing aspects of this book, since so much of my own story and journey is wrapped up in it, including the thread of the relationship with my mother (I don't want to give it away, if you don't know my personal story).

This book is great for students and adults alike. If you haven't picked up this easy-to-read yet packed-with-tons-of-helpful-information book, go to your local bookstore and order it. Or if you like online orders,!


Robbie said...

Congrats!! That is huge! I just started reading it and you are right, it is good for all ages! I loved the opening story, btw. I never knew.

Dale Fincher said...

Thanks, Robbie!