Monday, June 18, 2007

Into the Mountains

We have made the move and are settling into our mountain home in Steamboat, CO. We will miss our friends, family, and church but anticipate what God has strategically waiting for us in our new home.

On June 2, I gave my last talk at our church in Laguna Beach... well, the last talk as a regular. I will be speaking there often in the future whenever we are in town. The Little Church by the Sea "commissioned" us as we left... we feel like amabassadors of our little church to help people be appropriately human in this new town of ours.

The church in both services gathered round us for prayer... A simple ceremony, but very human, spiritual, and deeply meaningful. Several encouraged us personally and added their own words of blessing. My heart will remain with the Little Church for a long time.

Steamboat is like a Laguna Beach in the mountains... small town with lots of pride and generations that want to stay. We are told the spiritual quality of the people here is dark... though we haven't found it to be that way. Yet we have encountered a lot of confusion about the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

We are eager to jump in!