Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Making the Connection

When I was working with RZIM on their apologetics team, I had a 7 minute slot at an influential event to talk about teen culture as it relates to apologetics.

Many parents of teens approached me afterwards about the presentation with things like, "Can we have dinner later? I want to talk about my daughter."

But one woman approached me with a larger, expanding vision. "You need to write a book! Have you thought about it?"

As a matter of fact, I had. But pulling together the right people and making the right connections hadn't happened yet. It was more of a 'something to do in the future' kind of idea.

"I know who you need to talk to!" And with that, she whirled away.

Five minutes later, she introduced me to someone who had also heard my presentation. He was the president of a literary agency. "Let's have lunch tomorrow," he said.

And we did.