Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Living with Questions is released!!

Jonalyn and I spent the last week in the mountains of New Hampshire speaking several times a day at Camp Good News.

Just after we arrived I got an email: my book was in the warehouse and would be overnighted to me right away.

That did me no good. My porch in Steamboat received my book while I was on the other side of the country.

Then Friday I got another email: Living with Questions officially released!

Amazon says it won't be released till the end of September. Don't believe it. Expect those pre-orders to ship very soon!

So it's been an exciting week, speaking to students, answering their questions, and then hearing my book on the very same thing is released to the wide world.

Last night we flew back from Boston. Arriving home at 2AM, I found the yellow envelope from Zondervan. I opened it and peered my half asleep eyes inside. It was all shiney with a note of congratulations.

I'm thrilled this book available to the thousands of students we meet across our land.

In the quiet today, I signed several books to mail to those I love. I thought of my mother (to whom I dedicate it) and my grandfather. They were my two big cheerleaders and both of them are gone. And I so wanted them to be proud of this accomplishment, to see it, to hold it in their hands. It's such a bittersweet feeling when the ones who built so much into you from childhood aren't here to see another milestone. I look up into the grandstands and they just aren't there.

The ache of loneliness meets me again. But all is well, really. Their God is here.