Thursday, January 17, 2008

Generation Me: Are today's youth more narcissistic than ever?

The NYT published an article today, Generation Me vs. You Revisited.

It seems every generation believes the one after them is narcissistic (read Plato in the article).

There are different views in the debate--and money to be made writing books about it. The self-esteem generation, which includes my own, as well as the understanding that responsibility doesn't begin until after college, does contribute to an entitlement attitude. Yet, we would be wise to not overstate or over-generalize the issue.

Scholars including Mr. Arnett suggest several reasons why the young may be perceived as having increased narcissistic traits. These include the personal biases of older adults, the lack of nuance in the Narcissistic Personality Inventory, changing social norms, the news media’s emphasis on celebrity, and the rise of social networking sites that encourage egocentricity.
The end of the article does speak to some selfless trends among the younger generations today. I've witnessed an upsurge in many finding the older generation even more narcissistic than themselves--needing to prove less. Maybe that's more of a Christian trend. Maybe that's why the current church model is shaky.

Just thoughts.


Matt said...

I think you're onto something here. Evangelicals, it seems to me, have been accomodating narcissism for a very long time. Thanks!

Dale Fincher said...

Thanks, Matt, for stopping by and for commenting.

Nice blog, by the way.