Tuesday, January 22, 2008

"Banned from Church" part 2.... framework for 'authority'

I came upon two helpful article to consider regarding the 'authority' of pastors, elders, congregations, etc., in the church.

The first is by well-known theologian, D. A. Carson. This article is helpful to see the different kinds of church governments used in today's churches. Notice that each, though quite different, have their own Bible verses to back up their claims. Whether these verses are used properly is up to the reader:

Authority in Church by D. A. Carson

This second article by Hal Miller. It's a refreshing look at Jesus view of leadership. It also helps separate a modern view of 'authority' and from the Bible's view of 'authority.' Also note that while today we associate 'power' with 'authority,' Dr. Miller shows this isn't the case in the church. A provocative statement he makes:

The New Testament does not say anything about one believer having authority over another. We have plenty of authority over things, even over spirits, but never over other Christians.

An Elder's Authority: That of Children and Slaves by Hal Miller

Are these guys nuts? Comments?