Thursday, January 17, 2008

Dick Staub on changing the world

I enjoy reading Dick Staub. He's offers common sense for us Kingdom seekers. And I frequently find myself talking to my computer screen when I read him. "Yes, that's right. I totally agree." There's not many writing today as evangelicals that elicit from me that feeling of a kindred spirit.

One paragraph that resonated enough for me to post this:

I have less confidence in conferences, new ideas and strategies and more awareness that what is needed more than anything and in every generation is a deeper pursuit of and knowledge of God in a local company of friends for the benefit of the world.

I have found this deeply true in my experience. I'd prefer Lewis move to action, which often resulted in reading work aloud with friends and taking an conversational stroll down a sunny lane.

Read Staub's whole entry here. And I recommend subscribing to it as well!


Josh said...

A hearty amen to that! I have been regularly meeting with a small group of believers for about a year now. We call ourselves the Thinklings (totally original, I know), and we function as a book club/writer's workshop/theological thinktank. Often our discussions veer into deep personal areas of our faith and experience. I cannot begin to express how much this has helped me. My only wish is that every believers would realize the spiritual reality and sense of Christian community that something like this brings into your life.

Dale Fincher said...

Here, here, Josh! I do think that's where it's at when a group is all pointing in the same direction and willing to be intellectually, emotionally, and imaginatively invigorated with love.

I wish I could drag my good friends all over the country into one places... all live on a ranch together... and do Thinkling things.

The small-group movement is trying to accomplish something like this. But I don't think it can be manufactured.

We are thinking about what something like this would look like in Steamboat.... frankly, in some ways it's 'doing church' without papers and payroll.