Wednesday, October 31, 2007

If I were a skeptic....

If I were a skeptic and wanted to examine the Christian religion, I'd go find a church or two or three or four. I'd want to go find out what Christians do, what they are like when together with just themselves, how they worship unselfconscious of who they are trying to appease in the pews. I want to know how they approach this God and the language they use for it. I would want to know how Christian do church.

In many of today's churches, skeptics will enter and not find out what Christians do. They will find something strangely different.

They will find how Christians do church when they are catering to skeptics.

How is a skeptic ever to find out what Christians really do with this approach? How many will find this hypocritical and even religiously disgusting? How many will feel duped when they find out the entire service was built for them to feel more comfortable about coming?

If you were a skeptic what would you be looking for?