Tuesday, October 9, 2007

"Hear" about Living with Questions

Jonalyn and I spoke on reaching youth and Living with Questions in San Jose, CA, in August. This was the same weekend my book was released.

If you want to know the need students are facing today and how my book Living with Questions helps address that need, listen here: Living with Questions (mp3).

I also just found out this weekend that Living with Questions has started it's second printing! I'm stoked.


Paul said...

A second printing already? How cool! I just finished reading the last chapter and have already recommended it to several people.

It was very refreshing to think about these issues from a fresh angle. The cut-and-dry premise, premise, conclusion books are important, but it's really helpful to see how abstract ideas and beliefs influence our culture. You've nicely balanced the tough abstract questions with our tough everyday-living questions.

Dale Fincher said...

I know! Second printing... I can't believe it. I hope students are finding refreshment in it and that truth and life can remain good bedfellows.

Thanks for you encouragement, Paul, and for recommending my book. I wrote it because I saw a need and people kept asking where to find a book like this... So I just wrote it. I'm blown away that I got to do something like this.

Philip said...

Second printing? That's awesome! I have also been recommending your book to all sorts of students. From high school grads to my friends who are almost through college, most of them from christian backgrounds, and are searching more than ever. It is a really good resource that was missing for the demographic of students, and even the seekers who lean to postmodern and/or liberal ideas.

I've been reading Brian McLaren's "Finding Faith." Have you read it? I'm not a big fan of his but this book is really good for seekers as well.

Dale Fincher said...

Thanks, Philip!

I haven't read Finding Faith... is it a new one of his?

Philip said...

I don't know how new this book is. It's part of a two book series called "Finding Faith". The one I'm reading is "A Search for What Makes Sense". His honesty is a welcomed sight for the apologetics-type field. At times though he cares more about not offending the reader and relating to the reader than the actual content of the book, but overall it is great for the people who have left the church because of a bad relationship with their church or because they feel like they were merely indoctrinated at church. I think a skeptic would not be able to take him seriously though. It is not a bad book by any means, it just isn't the greatest one I've ever read. My friends who have felt like the church has been dishonest to them have read this book and have loved it; its a book for poeple like them.

Dale Fincher said...


Sounds like a book that would fit well into the category of 'spiritual abuse.' I think that's what a lot of emergent guys (McLaren included) are trying to get at by taking the long road around.

Thanks for letting me know about it. We encounter spiritual abused people often, especially those from more 'fundamentalist' or 'Catholic' backgrounds. And while there are some good books out there on spiritual abuse, I say the more the merrier!