Sunday, November 9, 2008

What are the biblical roles of husbands and wives?

Here is a classic complementarian position of the roles of husbands and wives. Understand it well.

Notice how emphatic he is at the beginning that this issue is 'clear.'

Notice how he automatically connotes the meaning of the metaphor, 'head.'

Notice the emphasis of the husband to be a tie-breaking vote (when Paul's point to the husbands is on love). You will frequently hear the 'tie-breaking vote' argument used by complementarians. I think there's another way to break ties, but this argument often persuades people into a complementarian model.

Notice how he says men shy away from leadership (is this the nature of men historically or a 21st century construction?)

Notice how he calls his relationship with his wife a 'team,' but then limits her voice to mere 'input' (is there teamwork in the final decision or only teamwork in consultation?).

Notice how he misquotes Eph 5:22 later in the video by attaching 'submission' to the husband is like the church's 'submission' to Christ. The verse doesn't say that.

Notice how, at the end, it is the husband's duty to sanctify his wife.

What are your thoughts?

For my thoughts on Ephesians 5, see "The Mystery of Submission" in the August archive.
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