Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Live! Tonight. HisChannel.com

We are still on the road. This last weekend, we spoke in Bakersfield at Heritage Bible Church and then helped judge at the 14th Annual Kern Youth Festival. A great time! Some real film talent among the teens!

This morning, we're going to Laguna Beach to read scripture aloud at the Church by the Sea (our church prior to moving to CO). Jonalyn will take an hour. Then I will. They are doing this through Lent.

This evening, we go to Costa Mesa to Calvary Chapel. I'll be the guest on HisChannel.com internet television, hosted by my friend, Brian Nixon. So if you've got an internet connection tonight at 7pm (Pacific), then hop on and listen in. LIVE. The first half, I'll be sharing my story. The second half will be about my book and culture. Should be a good time.

Here's the link: www.hischannel.com.

UPDATE: This live on-air interview came out well. I was relaxed and engaged. And Brian Nixon, the host, carried the questions to fill the time and cover the material. Also, I should add that I discovered upon arrival that HisChannel.com, while across the street from Calvary Chapel is not affiliated with Calvary Chapel. And this helped free me up from feeling like I needed to avoid anything controversial. ~df~


Grace said...

very good interview. it is really good to see your work coming to life. my mother watched along with me and though she has heard about you through me and seen your book around the house she didn't know exactly what you and jonalyn were working toward. with a younger brother in 9th grade and a sister finishing up her freshman year of college she is always wondering about how the church can help these students. almost without fail anytime my fiance (philip kenney, i believe you know him...) comes over she corners him with questions about what to do or rants about the failure of the modern church... this was good for her to see and hear. i think it has opened her eyes a little to those who are out there to help the youth who are questioning...

Ashley said...

Hey Dale,

I missed the first half, but the second half was good, I like hearing your passion and conviction of what you believe through your explanations.

And, you are right on with the idea of 'cutting', it's very much a problem in schools, and when I worked with Camfel, that was in our show, and it was a big problem to numerous schools to where the company had to make an edited version with that scene taken out, because the teachers and administrators want to believe it's not a problem in their schools, and they didn't want us 'introducing' the idea to the students. Yet, when we went and asked the students some of the biggest things they faced, cutting seemed to be at the top of the list.

Dale Fincher said...

Savannah, of course I know, Philip! :)

Thanks for the good words and the practical implications. I'm encouraged your mother agreed to watch as well!

And the 'modern church' is simply made up of individuals who care about Jesus. We are doing our part. You are doing yours. Your mother is doing hers. Together we work to make a difference in the lives of those we love (and learn to love).

Thanks for the comment!

Dale Fincher said...

Ashley, yeah, cutting needs to be addressed more. I hear some people saying it needs to be addressed more. I hear other people complaining that when it is addressed it doesn't really get to the heart of the issue.

I'd like to see more professional counselors offering articles in pop-culture magazines, etc., addressing the issue in a way that we can all relate... we need tools in how to help those who cross our path.

I know a teen who was deeply into cutting and has spent the last year in a rehabilitation program full time (out of state and all that). She seems to be doing much, much better.

Issues like this go deep. And I believe 'love' is at the center of it. But breaking through is sometimes as tough as bringing down the Jericho wall... and requires sometimes something just as miraculous!