Wednesday, March 12, 2008

New film - an apologetic to The Lost Tomb of Jesus

Jonalyn and I occasionally host a 'spiritually significant movie night' at our home. Last year, while we were still living in SoCal, we invited over a group of friends, most of them philosophers, to watch the documentary on the Lost Tomb of Jesus. This documentary claims to have discovered the family tomb of Jesus, which includes the bones of the unresurrected Christ as well as Mary Magdalene and others.

Other scholars have shown that the evidence provided isn't sufficient to make the claim that this is Jesus the Messiah's tomb. Gary Habermas provides this page (with links to others) giving details on how to think through this issue.

Now another group of investigators go back to that discovered tomb to discover another side to the story. Not only looking at the evidence that the Lost Tomb of Jesus provides, but also filling in evidence that was not provided in the film. And, to outdo themselves, they also include many of the same scholars from the original documentary who share how their views and interviews were twisted to reach a preconceived conclusion.

This new apologetic-documentary is called "The Jesus Tomb Hoax." You can watch the trailer here. I haven't seen the film yet, but the trailer looks promising.