Sunday, December 2, 2007

ACSI Student Leadership...

Last month we were honored with an invitation to teach 170 eager students, representing 14 different NorCal schools that all descended on Mt. Hermon Christian Camp. Teaching these elected student leaders on the theme of my book, they submitted their "most- important- questions- that-would- make- life- easier- if- they- were- answered" questions and we wove them throughout our talks.

It is evident that student leaders are living with questions that are hot and personal. Some engaged us in private conversations about their doubts and continue to write us emails and meet us for "Ask! LIVE"--our Wed private chat session at

Thanks to Google Alert technology, we found Redwood Christian Schools student page that mentioned the event with pictures (excerpt):

Speakers Dale and Jonalyn Fincher of "Soulation" were the speakers and did a fabulous job at that! Students were given tools to use in a world that is unsaved. Devotions and fellowship helped to bring students together in an effort to prepare them the questions the "world" will ask.

In the Spring, we will be visiting some of the schools represented at the Leadership Conference for Spiritual Emphasis weeks for their student bodies, covering some of the themes they heard this weekend. Encouraged students want to be challenged on the hard questions, we are eager for the reuninons.


Anonymous said...

What if we realize we have these same questions (that are on the screen in the picture) but probably dont have a chance of meeting you personally?

Dale Fincher said...

Well, even if not in person, you can meet me (and my wife, Jonalyn) personally online.

Feel free to jot me an email--dale(at) join us for "Ask! LIVE" Wednesday nights at our website:

I look forward to hearing from you and hope to be a help.