Thursday, December 27, 2007

Dec 25 vs Dec 26

On December 25, we are packed with the pleasure to give. "It is more blessed," Jesus said. And through those hours of family and friends, we are blessed. Christmas is about others.

But the day after Christmas, December 26, is about us. SALE!! The guy at GAP yesterday said he got to work late--6:15AM. He had to park halfway back in the lot because of the long lines of new anticipation: SALE!!

Maybe many have the karma-dream that since they gave so much at Christmas they deserve to receive the day after Christmas.

By what a hypocrite am I! I only caught onto this little irony because Jonalyn and I went shopping at the mall. We needed to stock up on needed wares to return to our mountain town. And suddenly we got sucked into the mall sprawl. I even had to signal traffic on foot to help Jonalyn back out of our space. There cars vied for the spot.

Only in America.