Friday, November 30, 2007

A Little History... What Teens Want

Today I stumbled upon a brief talk I gave at an annual RZIM event in 2004. The audience was packed with professionals, where I shared about teen culture.

After this talk, a woman approached me, saying I need to write my ideas and message to teens. A few minutes later she connected me to a gentleman in that audience which led to Jonalyn and me signing on with our literary agent. This talk was the catalyst that made Living with Questions a reality. All because someone believed in me and started the dominoes which put my book now in the hands of teens.

So here's a little history I want to share with you.... And it's only 9 minutes long which is quicker than you can sip your latte. ;-)


KellyAnne said...

You wrote a book. . . Is it like marshmallows and coiled springs were put into your shoes. Do you feel it? Are you alive. . . Hearty Congratulations. I’ll look forward to one day reading it.


Dale Fincher said...

KellyAnne? Wow, how'd you find my blog? Good to hear from you. I hope all is well!

And YES, like marshmellows and coiled springs... The mix of writing, speaking, marriage, traveling, watching the lights turn on for people... I am alive! (Good memory, BTW!)

Thanks for the congrats! ;)

KellyAnne said...

Well, a suburban mom of three, one night bored, typed in a name from the past. . . That is how I found your blog. I'm so glad to find that your life is as it should be.

I think that mine is too. (Even when all the girls are crying)

By the way, she, is beautiful.

In his wisdom God is good!