Saturday, December 13, 2008

Dorothy Rabinowitz takes on Deepak Chopra

Watch this video first. Then read the article at the end of this post.

Pulitzer prize winner, Ms. Rabinowitz, nails the present journalistic discourse on the head. The senseless pity on perpetrators of crimes rather than on victims is something that has been called out again and again as a problem in media discourse. The endless blame on causes unrelated to ideas and religion is classic secular diagnosis. The pandering to celebrities who know less than experts (though treated as experts) is far more embarrassing to American popular culture than any war on terrorism.

Now read, Ms. Rabinowitz article. She's clear and punches to the point. This kind of dialog needs to happen more. And you get to be a "Culturally Savvy Christian," as Dick Staub puts it, and be alert to the language the 'sophisticated' world is talking. Awareness of the problem is half the battle.

Deepak Blames America
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