Saturday, June 28, 2008

Living with Questions in 4th printing

Just a little news update that I received the first copy of the fourth printing of Living with Questions last week. Keep spreading the word.

This book isn't just good for teens and college students (though that is the intended audience). It is also good for adults, especially those who

1) are new to apologetics and want something accessible but also see how it pertains to real life and

2) want to better understands assumptions of our culture (yes, even better understanding today's youth) about God, spirituality, and a healthy soul.

If you've read Living with Questions and have an honest opinion of how it has helped you or someone you care about, do write a review over at!

And if you are ready to teach on it, follow the study guide links in the right margin.


Ashley said...

Very cool! I'm actually thinking about going through your book with a couple of teenagers at the ministry I am serving at. I'm still evaluating what would be best to do with them, but your book keeps popping up in my mind when I think on it. :-)

roxanne said...

(In typical Goofy fashion, falling off a cliff:) "Yah-Hah-Hah-HOOEY!!!" That's awesome. Of course, none of us knows how many books are ordered at each printing. You may have ordered just 3 copies at each printing and they've all been bought up by your friends and family. Then again, you could have ordered a slew of books for each printing and your book is doing AWESOME!!! I'd like to think the latter. Mom would have been so tickled, excited and proud!!!

Dale Fincher said...

Ashley, do it!

I know others are going through the study as well with teens and with some fruit. And I know you'd make a great facilitator of these deeply needed conversations!

Dale Fincher said...

Thanks, Sis. You crack me up. I can see the Goofy cartoons as clear as yesterday.

And I can only imagine what mom is thinking.

Tthanks too for guarding from exaggerating the case! ;)

The report I received is that there are 7,200 copies in print at the moment... Not bad for a first book still in its first year.