Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Does Modern Education Kill Creativity?

I cannot believe I haven't seen this before. It was posted online nearly 2 years ago.

Sir Ken Robinson says things here we need to all consider. Of the many things that resonated with me, one was that creativity can only flourish if we are willing to be wrong.

His thesis here fits squarely into our vision of what it means to be "appropriately human." And for my philosophy friends, I hope this is nourishing to your soul as you broaden imagination beyond the analytic.

Here's the video below. It's worth 20 minutes.


Anonymous said...

don't you just love

Dale Fincher said...

Indeed! I just added the link to my sidebar. :)

Their membership is a little steep. Gives the impression of being elitist or something... but oh, well, I'll use their free content!

A.T. Stowell said...

The number of children medicated for ADD and ADHD is in the millions... If Sir Ken is right, we have located the Alcatraz for artists.

Dale Fincher said...

And if Alcatraz, that may explain why only tourists listen to artists... LOL

Nobody told me in my educational years how messed up the Industrial Revolution left us. Maybe because the educational system was fueled by it.

There is nothing to see here, nobody is any different from another, be a good consumer and then a good laborer, work for someone else, segregate your family with labor, separate men from women, be a machine, a cog in the system, a payer of social security, be spiritual as long as it doesn't mean anything... and be grateful. It's the American way in the brave new world!