Friday, September 21, 2007

Lost Words: Sin - Beyond Commands

In this issue of fledge, we approach the word 'sin' and what it means:

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In the last fledge, I wrote about a boy that missed the important thing because he was distracted the lesser thing. And oftentimes, the more important thing is how we use such meaningful and intentional words like sin, faith, and love. In this fledge, I will begin to unpack the meaning of 'sin.'

Standing before a couple hundred teens in New England, I asked them to define "sin" for me. A rumble moved over the audience, several shouted out answers, and then one blurted, "Anything we think, do, or say that displeases God." Everyone nodded, excited that someone finally got the right answer articulated for everyone.

I paused. "You've told me what sin does, but you still haven't told me what sin is."


jillybean said...


I'm not sure that you would remember me, but you were my chapel monitor my freshman year of college. I can remember the first student body chapel of the year when you walked onto stage and I squinted down at you from the balcony. I did a doubletake and looked down to your empty seat in the row. "Wow, my chapel monitor is student body president!"

Since finishing college, I had heard that you were travelling with Ravi Zacharias. Now I see that you and your wife have both recently published books. Tremendous! Both titles really excite me!

I just recently read the blog of one of my students from the christian school where I taught the past 6 years. This young man has been raised in the church, and over the spring and summer, he has come to the conclusion that there is no God. He raises some pretty tough questions. Reading about your book made me think of him.

I am so thankful to the Lord for where He has led you and how He has so obviously continued to use you - from Student Body President to all this.

Wonderful to hear of your faithfulness to truth and grace!
Jillia (Humrichous) Wiesert

Dale Fincher said...


Thanks for your comment! That is hilarious that you noticed my seat empty at the first student body meeting. I'll remember that one!

Yes, I worked with Ravi for three years before starting Soulation with my wife so we could travel and speak together. She's awesome in her own right.

Your story of your previous student is saddening. But there is hope. He is on his own exploration. But do recommend my book to him. I think it will help him rethink some things as well as give him some tools to carry on the journey.

Again, thanks for posting. I'm always amazed at who happens to be reading... :)