Monday, March 19, 2007

First Appearance

Google Alerts is a sweet little tool. Awhile back I inputed "dale fincher" as an alert search and Google sends me emails whenever my name shows up in a new place on the web.

Yesterday, I was notified of a page with the first appearance of my book, Living with Questions.

It will be released this September. You can read more info on it here.

I'm pumped to see this much progress from the publisher. I turned in the manuscript the end of January and am waiting to put the finishing touches of editing on it.


Paul said...

Wow! I had no idea you were this far along, good job!
Did you get to have much input for the cover design? The reason I ask is I think I remember you telling me that many of the topics you and Jonalyn cover come from questions that students present to you on little pieces of paper. If I've remembered that correctly, either God is really cool and gave someone at Zondervan a great idea that fits perfectly or you've got a really cool publisher that listens to your ideas for even the cover design. Either way, it looks great.

Dale Fincher said...

Paul, great memory! Yes, the book is from that collection of questions (something I'm sure I'll blog about as time goes on).

On this occasion, the publisher listened! The designer had several ideas on paper and let the team of editors and designers (and myself) make comments. I shared my idea about the questions and the designer make it happen.

Originally it was going to use the ACTUAL 3x5 cards on which students wrote their questions. But it didn't work well for the photographs (ball point pen is not easy to see from a distance). So the designer took the questions and wrote them down with different handwriting to simulate the same thing.

It turned out as I had hoped. My hat's off to Youth Specialties for considering my opinion...

rxy25 said...

I love the title and cover. i know it must be exciting to see an idea come to life! i will be praying for you guys as both of you enjoy the fruits of your hard work.

btw, a friend of mine asked for your email address... she is interested in working for RZMI and wanted to talk to you about it... Her name is kristin. hope it is ok that i gave it to her.

hope you guys are doing great! i enjoy keeping up with via your site and blogs.


Dale Fincher said...

Mel, I'm glad you like the title and cover! And thanks for staying connected. :)

No problem passing my email on to Kristin.